Generic 2 D Platformer

This project is intended to be a starting off point to building a 2D Platformer with Java. I'm building on top of the Slick game library which is itself an extension of LWJGL.

1.  Artwork

Generic2DPlatformer provides minimal artwork, sufficient only for demonstration purposes. You may find the following art pack(s) useful.

2.  Audio

Like artwork, Generic2DPlatformer provides minimal audio, sufficient only for demonstration purposes. I recommend the tool listed below for generating sound effects.

I'm going to take a look at LMMS for creating music tracks. I'm a total noob when it comes to audio, so we'll see how I fare.

  • LMMS - Linux MultiMedia Studio

3.  Milestones

  • Start a milestone list
  • Read keyboard input for selecting menu items
  • Create tile-set for use in Tiled map editor
  • Create test level in Tiled map editor
  • Read in level from Tiled map editor
  • Create character art
  • Include character art for Player character
  • Read Gamepad input
  • Include sound effects for character actions

Variable number of save games. The standard is 3 saved games, but we're dealing with a computer game here. We're not limited by the amount of ROM on a cartridge so we should allow for more than just 3 saved games. Consider a case where a game is on a communal computer. There may be many people who each want to have their own game.

Saved game states written to XML. Likewise, write levels to XML. This is handy in that when someone creates a level or modifies one then the level can be shared easily (by simply dropping it into the level directory).

Level editor.

4.  World Information

Some history into the parody world of G2DP.

4.1  Evil Dr Dastardly

Never even got his PhD. He just calls himself a doctor. Lives outside of town (Graphite City). Kind of been a pain in the butt of the residents of the town. Never makes too big of a scene, just ripping off ladies purses, and the occasional lunch. Never does any of the work himself, it's always a henchman. Of course he lives in a castle.

4.2  Henchman of Evil Dr Dastardly

Not a real being. Just a "shade" of a former person. No free will. Unquestioning and fiercely loyal to Evil Dr Dastardly. A henchman is a living creature "moulded" into the visage of a person. Any living creature of substantial size can be transformed, be it a cat, dog, deer, or bear. Each henchman is implanted with an imperfect personality of what Evil Dr Dastardly believes should be a good henchman.

4.3  Municipal Election

Graphite City holds regular civil elections, deciding who will lead the city. (Note to self, look into how often these municipal elections take place in Vernon, BC). Anyone can run for election. There was a period of time where a mayor, once elected, would be re-elected until he was too old to function as mayor. Residents of Graphite City might call this the "Golden Era". In recent years there has been an influx of mayoral candidates. This has resulted in a new mayor with every election. Bob Douglas believes there is a conspiracy behind this.

4.4  Mayor Bob Douglas

The newly elected mayor of Graphite City. Believes there is a conspiracy against the mayoral tradition of Graphite City. Wants to get to the bottom of it. No one believes him. Come to think of it, no one can remember voting for him, either.

4.5  Mysterious Benefactor

Certainly had nothing to do with the recent election.

4.6  Hero

Just a guy. Happened to have the right skills for the job. Or just happened to be in the wrong place at the right time... like chasing a butterfly.

5.  Items

5.1  Melee