This is meant to be a secondary home to the wargame, Warcrabs!.

In Warcrabs! you play the part of a new Associated Holistic Technology (AssHo Tech) employee pitting claw to competitive claw in the AssHo Tech crab-fighting ring. The fictional history of how crab-fighting originated, as well as the game-play rules, are found within the Warcrabs! manual.

To cover a little history, the original manual was released to the public by the original author, Di Mo. However, when it was released, the manual was made available only as a PDF. If you know anything about PDFs, it's that they are nigh-impossible to modify which is contradictory to what the author, as well as the license, encourages. To be fair, the content of the manual was in turn copied into a wiki by the original author.

So in response to the closed-format of the original PDF, I have edited the original document and placed the result into an open document format. Below you will find the source text saved in a LaTeX document which can be easily accessed and modified. If you are here only for the revised edition of the manual, you will find it here also.

Source and PDF

The following are links to the document source code as well as the compiled PDF of my revision of the Warcrabs! manual. The document was written in LaTeX using the Kile LaTeX editor and the TexLive libraries. This manual is a revision of Di Mo's original Warcrabs! manual.

warcrabs_manual.tex 65.0Kb (3/31/2009, at 3:21pm) - Source for the Warcrabs! manual.
warcrabs_manual.pdf 166.7Kb (3/31/2009, at 3:22pm) - The Warcrabs! manual as PDF.


The following is taken directly from the manual:

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License. You’re free to distribute it for free, and to alter it, as long as you credit Di Mo (dimolaoshi ~=AT=~ yahoo ~=DOT=~ com) as the original author.

External Links

Warcrabs! wiki hosted at Wikia
warcrabs.pdf, the original manual created by Di Mo and hosted at freewargamesrules.